What should pay attention to anticorrosion lining construction ?

Glass flake anti-corrosion lining construction Notes:

(1) Construction utensils should be clean, after each construction should be clean, ready for the next re-use.

(2) The construction site should have rain, dew and dust facilities.

(3) to prevent water and debris until the fall into the paint, so as not to affect the quality of the coating.

(4) The construction should have good general conditions, all open fire should be prohibited, lighting should be low voltage power supply.

(5) Construction workers should be educated safely, equipped with the necessary labor protection articles, and paid attention to the personal safety of construction workers.

(6) The coating should be protected before it is completely dried and cured to prevent it from being rinsed by rain and other liquids or trampling personnel.

(7) Before each process construction, the surface of anti-corrosion should be cleaned, if necessary, use acetone rub again, so as not to affect the quality of construction.

(8) After the anticorrosive coating is finished, the coating layer should be protected. Especially during hoisting and transportation, be careful not to hit, beat and apply welding.

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