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What is the Biodegradable material?

In typical parlance, the word biodegradable is distinct in meaning from compostable. While biodegradable simply means an object is capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms, "compostable" in the plastic industry is defined as able to decompose in aerobic environments that are maintained under specific controlled temperature and humidity conditions. Compostable means capable of undergoing biological decomposition in a compost site such that the material is not visually distinguishable and breaks down into carbon dioxide, water, inorganic compounds and biomass at a rate consistent with known compostable materials. The inclusion of "inorganic materials" precludes the end product from being considered as compost, or humus, which is purely organic material[opinion]. Indeed, under the ASTM definition, the only criterion needed for a plastic to be called compostable is that it has to appear to go away at the same rate as something else that one already knows is compostable under the traditional definition.Plastic bags can be made "oxo-biodegradable" by being manufactured from a normal plastic polymer (i.e. polyethylene) or polypropylene incorporating an additive which causes degradation and then bio degradation of the polymer (polyethylene) due to oxidation

What should pay attention to anticorrosion lining construction ?

Glass flake anti-corrosion lining construction Notes:(1) Construction utensils should be clean, after each construction should be clean, ready for the next re-use.(2) The construction site should have rain, dew and dust facilities.(3) to prevent water and debris until the fall into the paint, so as not to affect the quality of the coating.(4) The construction should have good general conditions, all open fire should be prohibited, lighting should be low voltage power supply.(5) Construction workers should be educated safely, equipped with the necessary labor protection articles, and paid attention to the personal safety of construction workers.(6) The coating should be protected before it is completely dried and cured to prevent it from being rinsed by rain and other liquids or trampling personnel.(7) Before each process construction, the surface of anti-corrosion should be cleaned, if necessary, use acetone rub again, so as not to affect the quality of construction.(8) After the anticorrosive coating is finished, the coating layer should be protected. Especially during hoisting and transportation, be careful not to hit, beat and apply welding.

What is the difference between performance and usage of vinyl resin and epoxy resin?

Vinyl Ester Resins are internationally recognized as highly corrosion resistant resins.The standard bisphenol A epoxy vinyl resin is a vinyl resin synthesized by the reaction of methacrylic acid and bisphenol A epoxy resin. It has been dissolved in a styrene solution. This type of resin has the following characteristics:1. The double bonds at both ends of the molecular chain are extremely lively, which enables the vinyl resin to cure quickly and quickly obtain the strength of use, resulting in a highly corrosion-resistant polymer;2, the use of methacrylic acid synthesis, ester bond methyl side can play a protective role, improve hydrolysis resistance;3. The resin contains a small amount of ester bonds and is 35-50% less resistant to chemical polyester (bisphenol A-fumaric acid UPR) per mole ratio, which improves the alkali resistance;4. More secondary hydroxyl groups can improve the wettability and adhesion of glass fibers, and increase the mechanical strength of the laminated products.5, due to crosslinking only at the two ends of the molecule.Flame-retardant vinyl resins are generally synthesized using brominated epoxy resins. Since the resin contains bromine, the flame-retardant vinyl resin can be flame-retardant while having chemical resistance.Vinyl resin epoxy resin

What is bin bag?

A bin bag (British English) or garbage bag, or trash bag (American English) is a disposable bag used to contain rubbish (British English), or the North American equivalent trash or garbage. Such bags are useful to line the insides of waste containers to prevent the insides of the receptacle from becoming coated in waste material. Most bags these days are made out of plastic, and are typically black in color.Plastic bags are a convenient and sanitary way of handling garbage, and are widely used. Plastic garbage bags are fairly lightweight and are particularly useful for messy or wet rubbish, as is commonly the case with food waste, and are also useful for wrapping up garbage to minimize odour. Plastic bags are often used for lining litter or waste containers or bins. This serves to keep the container sanitary by avoiding container contact with the garbage. After the bag in the container is filled with litter, the bag can be pulled out by its edges, closed, and tied with minimal contact with the waste matter.Created in 1950, this invention can be attributed to Canadians Harry Wasylyk, Larry Hansen and Frank Plomp.[1] In a special on CBC Television, the green garbage bag ranked 36th among the top 50 Canadian inventions.[2]Plastic bags can be incinerated with their contents in appropriate facilities for waste-to-energy conversion. They are stable and benign in sanitary landfills; some are degradable under specified conditions.

What biodegradable material do you produce?

We have EPI, D2W material, it's biodegradable, PE material add biodegradable, its degradable time is long, more than 2 years; We can produce 100% biodegradable, corn starch material, PBAT+PLA material, PHA material, its degradable time is short, about 9 months.

What's your main products?

  Our main products include kinds of plastic bags,including mailing bags,garbage bags and T-shirt bags,geomembrane and anti-corrosion coating. We have over 20 years production experience.

Do you have any inspection for the products?

  Yes, we do have strict-standard inspection in every step of the production and before shipping to make sure the products are qualified.

Does your product support customized?

  We accept customized and we would like to print your logo on the bags.Of course,any size,thickness,logo is avaliable,please send us specific specifications.

How can I get samples from you?

 According to our company's rule,sample is freely provided,but freight cost need to be paid by your esteemed company.And we will return to you when you place the first order with us. We would like to send you samples to check its quality based on freight collect.If you want to make proof,we’ll calculate related cost.

How to deal with the other questions?

If you have any question please contact  us directly or send us email to communicate with us.

What payment way do you accept?

We normally will provide the TT, WESTERN UNION to arrange the payment. if the have special remarks, you can contact and communicate with our sales for better support!

How to construct?

Spraying: non air spraying or air spraying. High pressure non gas spraying.Brush / roll coating: must achieve the specified dry film thickness

Are you factory or trade company? Can we visit your factory?

We are factory in Taian Shandong. You are warmly welcomed to visit our factory,it would be our great pleasure!

How do you ship the finished products?

By sea,By air,By couriers: TNT, DHL, FedEx, UPS, ARAMEX, etc.