What kind of ordering HDPE geomembrane construction process?

publisher: Tina Zhang
Time: 2018-01-23

HDPE geomembrane construction process in accordance with the following order: laying geomembrane welding seam testing.

HDPE geomembrane in the laying, should avoid creating artificial wrinkles. PVC impermeable membrane laying, should be based on local temperature changes and geomembrane performance requirements, set aside the temperature change caused by the expansion and contraction, the other according to the scene and the laying of geomembrane should be reserved impervious membrane expansion , To adapt to uneven subsidence.

HDPE geomembrane laying is completed, the end of the protective layer before the end of the geomembrane in the corner should be placed every 2-5m 1 20-40Kg heavy sandbags to prevent the geomembrane was blowing wind. All workers in the geomembrane construction site can not smoke, shall not wear shoes with nails or high-heeled hard-soled shoes to walk on the geomembrane, does not allow all activities that may destroy the geomembrane.


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