Market Call - Reorganize the Market

publisher: Jamie Zhang
Time: 2018-06-12
Summary: High quality epoxy vinyl ester resin
Market Call - Reorganize the Market
At present, with the approval of high-performance vinyl resin performance by domestic FRP glass steel users, the overall market has achieved considerable development. The application of vinyl ester esters has been greatly promoted. Many current fiberglass users will be making anti-corrosion FRP. It tends to be vinyl ester resin, but at present some unfair or abnormal conditions also appear. Some resin manufacturers use epoxy resin materials with lower cost and poor performance, or use modified technology to reduce costs, and some manufacturers also use them. Acrylic acid substituted for methacrylic acid is used as raw material to synthesize the resin. In these cases, the overall situation of the resin, including corrosion resistance, will decrease. These resin manufacturers hit the market at lower sales prices. These not only give information The symmetry of glass steel makers brings about harm, leading to an increase in the incidence of glass steel hidden accidents, but also have a negative impact on the overall market. Some glass steel manufacturers often mention these conditions, so our company, like these fiberglass manufacturers, hopes that the majority of domestic resin manufacturers can provide users with real high-performance vinyl ester resins with a long-term vision.

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