Use of ordinary plastic bags and fully degradable plastic bags

publisher: Jamie Zhang
Time: 2018-11-07
Summary: Ordinary plastic bags remove those products made from recycled materials. When can plastic bags with pure polyethylene materials be completely degraded? Many people still think that plastic bags can't be degraded. The final state is to form fragments. In fact, polyethylene materials can be completely degraded. It takes only a long time and it takes more than 400 years to degrade into carbon dioxide, water and organic matter.
Use of ordinary plastic bags and fully degradable plastic bags
The fully degradable plastic bag is actually an oxidized bio-degradable ecological plastic bag. He uses a polyethylene substrate to add EBP degradation masterbatch. This degradation masterbatch can degrade the polyethylene to 2-3 years in advance and pass Oxidation and environmental microbial action, rapid degradation into water, carbon dioxide and soil organic matter, return to the ecological circle, to achieve complete degradation.
The above is the use of ordinary plastic bags and fully degradable plastic bags. In fact, it is an environmental issue. The price between them is similar, but there are too many differences in white pollution. It is only degradation in a hundred years, within 2-3 years. Degradation, what an attractive number, which has been degraded for hundreds of years, how serious the pollution of the environment during this period, and the fully degradable plastic bags of Shandong Tengkun Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. meet the demand for environmental protection and can realize the public. The concept of shopping, so there will be more and more degradable products on the market, but everyone must polish their eyes, do not be confused by other non-degradable products.

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